A Letter From Dr. Cindy

After working as a Nurse Practitioner in family practice for 6 years, I went back to school to attain the doctoral degree.  Not because I have a burning desire to be a doctor (my heart is nursing) but because I want to be the best I can be for myself and my patients, and somehow, having this degree gives me a stronger voice in the medical community.  I finished this degree in February of 2016, and will use what I have learned to improve patient care and be the best advocate I can be for my patients.   

The foundation of the nurse practitioner is in nursing, using all areas of medicine. The heart of a nurse is someone who wants to care for others and to make their situation and health better, wherever that person is at the time!

I am so honored and blessed every day to be able to care for others! I love my job and feel that I am allowed to do every day what God has specifically made me to do.  I will do my very best to use my knowledge and expertise to care for you in a thorough and loving manner!    

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Dr. Cindy Elliott, DNP, FNPC